The Best Gooseneck Kettles for Pour-Over Brewing

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When you get started with the pour-over method, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you consider the equipment you’ll need. A scale helps you measure out your coffee grounds with precision, while a thermometer ensures you get the water within the recommended 195F to 205F for the best coffee. You’ll also, of course, need a great pour-over coffee maker.

If you’re serious about pour-over, you’ll need a gooseneck kettle. These kettles come with a spout perfectly engineered to afford you the precise and controlled pour you’ll need when you’re making coffee like a hipster barista without leaving home.

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Our Top 13 Picks for Gooseneck Kettles

Products & FeaturesImage & Price

Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle Our #1 Pick

  • Works on all stovetops including induction
  • Triple-layered base is rugged and rust-resistant
  • Onboard thermometer for precision without cluttering up the kitchen
  • Stainless steel build will stay the distance
  • No-quibbles refund if you’re not entirely satisfied
Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle: Fellow Stag Electric Kettle
  • Convenience of electric operation
  • Super-swift heating time thanks to 1200-watt boiler
  • Variable temperature control from 135F to 215F
  • Ideal for a broad selection of drinks
  • Solid 1-year limited warranty and responsive customer care
Best Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle: Fino Pour-Over Kettle
  • Generous 6-cup capacity
  • Stripped-down aesthetic
  • Dishwasher-safe keeping maintenance to a minimum
  • Responds well to all stovetops including induction cookers
  • Stainless steel build for impressive lifespan
Also Great: COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle
  • Onboard thermometer with 5 convenient presets
  • Audible beep when water hits your desired temperature
  • Counterbalanced handle helps with precise pouring
  • Auto shut-off and boil dry safety features baked in
  • Heats your water in as little as 3 minutes
OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle
  • Adjustable variable temperature
  • Cord-free pouring for safety and convenience
  • Cool-touch ergonomic handle
  • Integrated timer so you can dial in your brew precisely
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes of warming

Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

  • Broad temperature band of 140F to 212F
  • Hold water at temperature for up to an hour
  • Stainless steel offset with BPA-free plastic for great durability
  • Balanced pouring is a cinch so perfect for pour-over
  • Count-up timer perfect for precise brewing methods

Hario Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle

  • Multiple configurations so something for everyone
  • Elegant Japanese design to grace any kitchen counter
  • Designed to work well with Hario dripper
  • Suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction
  • Super-slim spout offering you the control you need

Barista Warrior Pour-Over Kettle

  • Available in a pair of understated finishes
  • Thermometer built right in so brew with precision
  • Rust-free 18/8 stainless steel
  • Holds 1L so boil enough for a large batch of coffee
  • 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind

Bodum Melior Electric Gooseneck Kettle

  • Impeccable brand heritage married to exquisite good looks
  • Non-slip and stay-cool cork handle
  • Generous 27oz capacity so you won’t be constantly refilling
  • Works well with the rest of the Bodum range
  • Perfectly weighted with slender spout leading to great pour-over

Steel Coffee Pour-Over Kettle

  • 18/10 food-grade stainless steel
  • Thermometer-ready with inserts laid in
  • Cordless stovetop convenience
  • Lightweight and easy to pour
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio

Ovalware Pour-Over Kettle

  • Seamless bottom makes for easy clean-up
  • Works on gas and electric stovetops
  • Angled stay-cool handle makes pouring a cinch
  • Kettle available with or without a thermometer
  • Angled spout and balanced kettle promote easy pouring

Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Drip Kettle

  • 18/8 stainless steel base with chrome for improved conductivity
  • Sleek and understated design to set off any worktop
  • Wooden handle won’t soak in the heat or scorch your fingers
  • Handle removes for easy cleaning in the dishwasher
  • Unsurpassable brand heritage in the pour-over space

Kalita Stainless Pot

  • Commanding all-stainless looks
  • Particularly easy to maneuver and pour
  • Solid without being too heavy to handle
  • You’ll find no issues with leakage
  • Reasonably priced despite coming from the Hario stable

Why Should You Use a Gooseneck Kettle for Pour-Over Brewing?

There are three core reasons for using a gooseneck kettle for pour-over coffee:

  • Keep Complete Control When You’re Pouring
  • Complete Consistency Every Single Time
  • You’ll Get Coffee That Tastes Better

Keep Complete Control When You’re Pouring

At first glance, you might incorrectly assume gooseneck kettles are awkward to use. On the contrary, the highly engineered spout is designed to give you maximum control over the pace and strength of the pour. If you try embarking on the pour-over method with a standard kettle, you’ll struggle to control either speed or consistency. A gooseneck allows you to dial the pace right back, key with pour-over where speed is your enemy. The slender spout lets you pour in the exact spot you want every time. This is crucial with a brewing method contingent on your saturating all the grounds evenly for optimum extraction. As a bonus, you’ll be able to influence overall brewing time by speeding up or slowing down the pour.

Complete Consistency Every Single Time

The extra control you get with a gooseneck kettle translates to a more consistent brewing method giving you exactly what you want from your pour-over. If you try using a standard-issue kettle with a regular spout, you’ll find it tough to use the same amount of water and you’ll also struggle to maintain a consistent pouring speed. You’ll also fail to evenly saturate the grounds leading to a coffee that’s imbalanced and awkward to replicate with any accuracy.

Use a gooseneck to:

  • Pour the exact quantity of water you want
  • Pour at a controlled speed
  • Hit all the coffee grounds and saturate them evenly

You’ll Get Coffee That Tastes Better

By dialing in the variables with accuracy aided by a gooseneck kettle, the result will be a more consistent and balanced coffee. The even saturation afforded you when you roll with a gooseneck alone makes a massive difference to flavor. The balance you’re seeking is achieved as all ground surrender the same amount of flavor. You should eliminate the bitterness or sourness from under-extraction or over-extraction. With the brewing time also under your direct control, you can switch up the pace to shorten or extend overall time. Throw in the consummate ease with which you’ll pour and investing in a gooseneck kettle quickly looks more like an essential than a luxury.

What Should You Look for When Buying a New Gooseneck Kettle?


Buying a new kettle to complete your pour-over kit is a fairly simple task, but doubling down on the following will make it even easier.

  • The All-Important Spout
  • Manual or Electric?
  • Materials
  • Cool-Touch Handle
  • Temperature Control

The All-Important Spout

If you’re the kind of person who also moves in a hurry, slow things up when you’re making pour-over coffee. Speed should not be your primary concern. A regular kettle simply doesn’t give you the control or the accuracy you need when you’re making pour-over coffee. Take full advantage of the long, slimline spout on a gooseneck kettle to wet your grounds with unerring precision. Check user reviews for any complaints about the handle mounting and make sure you don’t encounter any negative reviews about a weak handle.

Manual or Electric?

Only you know whether you would prefer a stovetop kettle or an electric model. Electric kettles have the benefit of auto shut-off. They also typically include some form of onboard temperature control. On the downside, electric kettles can be pricey. Stovetop models don’t all work well on all types of stovetop. If you have an induction cooker, you should always check closely for compatibility before committing to purchase.


Stainless steel kettles are the best bet with the numbers used when describing them expressing the thickness of the steel. You’ll find these kettles boil water quickly and energy-efficiently. The niggle with stainless steel kettles is that they’re quite flimsy which can mean truncated lifespan. Make sure your kettle has BPA-free plastic if there’s any plastic in place.

Cool-Touch Handle

The time you spend pouring with this labor-intensive method means you need a kettle with an ergonomic, cool-touch handle. Make sure any plastic is free of all contaminants and won’t leave your hand scorched.

Temperature Control

If you’re searching for that elusive golden cup of coffee, you should be aware of the importance of getting the water temperature right. The best coffee is made with water anywhere from 195F to 205F. Many pour-over kettles come with onboard thermometers, many equipped with handy presets. This is highly convenient and saves you from buying yet another piece of coffee paraphernalia.

The Top 13 Gooseneck Kettles

1. Our #1 Pick: Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle


If you’re serious about the pour-over method, a gooseneck kettle is one piece of equipment you can’t do without. The intricate and lengthy neck allows you the freedom to use the circular motion required for great pour-over. The thermometer baked in means you can guarantee your water is between 195F and 205F, the recommended temperature for the best coffee. Kiss goodbye to scorched beans or disappointingly tepid coffee and say hello to complete precision. The trio of layers on the base make this kettle suitable for any stovetop including induction cookers. The stainless steel build gives you a gooseneck built to last while distributing heat perfectly. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can simply call in a refund if this kettle doesn’t amp up your pour-over game.

Pros: Triple-layered base so works on all types of stove. Premium stainless steel for durability and heat retention. Generous 34oz capacity so make a large batch of pour-over. Works with all stovetops including induction.

Cons:  A few niggles about rust developing over time.

Bottom Line: Coffee Gator delivers everything you could want in a pour-over kettle including enough capacity to make a large batch.

2. Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle: Fellow Stag Electric Pour-Over Kettle


If you’re hunting for a functional and inexpensive kettle, the Fellow Stag is not for you. If, however, you have deeper pockets and exacting tastes, this design-driven beast might be the smartest investment you make all year. When you’re looking to brew up with the pour-over method, you need a kettle with a spout promoting the intricate precision required for this process. The lengthy gooseneck on the Stag makes this a breeze and you’ll soon be pouring like a barista. Dial the temperature in from 135F to 212F giving you the flexibility to make a golden cup of coffee or a lip-smacking mug of tea. Tweak to taste and display the temperature in metric or imperial units. As crowning glory, you’ll get a solid one-year warranty and responsive, helpful customer care.

Pros: Jaw-dropping looks in matte black. Temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Potent  heating element for quick brewing. Hold temperature for an hour at the push of a button.

Cons: Obviously not a stovetop model.

Bottom Line: If you have a fluid budget and you’re looking for the perfect marriage of form and function and one of the best pour-over kettles on the market, it’s got to be the Fellow Stag.

3. Best Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle: Fino Pour-Over Kettle


If you want a simple but effective pour-over kettle, this Fino gooseneck is well worth popping on your shortlist. You won’t get a temperature control but then you can’t expect that kind of functionality in this price band. The core purpose of a gooseneck kettle is to simplify pouring and enable you to use the trademark circular motion you’ll need when rustling up pour-over coffee at home. The length and angle of the handle on this Fino make that super-simple. The stainless steel is built to last but the overall feel of this kettle is disappointingly lightweight so handle with care. Not everyone has the budget to go for line-topping coffee equipment across the board. If you’d sooner spend out on an espresso machine or a pour-over coffee maker and cut costs with your kettle, the Fino is the obvious solution.

Pros: Curved and elongated spout for a precise pour. Angled handle prevents scorched fingers. Rugged stainless steel build with impeccable insulating and heat distribution. Use on any stovetop.

Cons: Feels lightweight and disturbingly flimsy.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable entry-point to gooseneck kettles, Fino’s back-to-basics model gets the job with no frills or fanfare at a very reasonable price.

4. Also Great: COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle


Another lean and mean matte black gooseneck up next, this time from the COSORI stable. If you don’t like the black design, you can also pick up this kettle with a straight stainless steel finish. This kettle occupies the middle band of prices for goosenecks. In terms of models packing a thermometer, this unit is at the cheaper end. While performance is admirable, you might be underwhelmed with longevity. That, sadly, is a sacrifice you need to make for achieving top-tier functionality without spending too much. Flick between five temperature presets to help speed up brewing. The brisk heating elements helps you get boiling water in as little as three minutes. Whether you’re looking to make pour-over coffee or loose leaf tea, get things started the right way with a solid gooseneck kettle boasting temperature control.

Pros: Elegant and commanding aesthetics. Onboard thermometer with 5 temperature presets to streamline brewing. Food-grade stainless steel build with no Teflon. Boil water in just over 3 minutes thanks to 1200-watt heating element.

Cons: A few complaints from disgruntled users about build quality.

Bottom Line: For a mid-range and powerful gooseneck kettle that punches above its weight, our only real issue with the COSORI is its questionable lifespan.

5. OXO Brew Adjustable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle


This OXO Brew cordless kettle is an electric alternative to the stovetop models that dominate the market. To kick off, you’ll get the lengthy, angled spout you need for pour-over precision. The balance of the kettle is perfect for a controlled and lengthy pour. The OXO Brew comes in several variants including this showstopper with adjustable temperature. You need your water between 195F and 205F for pour-over and you can get this with precision. The other crucial element of pour-over is the timing. Rather than needing yet another piece of equipment, the OXO Brew comes with an onboard timer. If you’re looking for everything you need to master the pour-over method with precision

Pros: Classic, understated design. Multiple variants available. Adjustable temperature from 140F through 212F for all your brewing needs. Cordless convenience. Integrated timer ideal for the precision required with pour-over.

Cons: Couple of customers suggest they experienced leaking.

Bottom Line: If you want a potent and multipurpose pour-over kettle with everything you need and nothing you don’t, OXO Brew gives you performance at a reasonable price-point.

6. Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle


Bonavita has a solid reputation for producing cost-effective and highly capable equipment to liven up making coffee at home. This variable temperature gooseneck continues that winning tradition. With a 1000-watt powerplant, you can get your water up to temperature in minutes flat. You can target the 195F to 205F sweetspot you need for great pour-over with total precision. Once you hit your desired temperature, you can hit a button and hold the water at that heat for up to an hour. As with all worthwhile pour-over kettles, you get the requisite gooseneck so pouring is streamlined. Rugged stainless steel build gives you a dependable experience. All plastic is BPA-free.

Pros: Rapid heat-up with 1000-watt element. Broad temperature band from 140F to 208F. Count-up timer perfect for dialing in your pour-over brew. Stainless steel build. Thin and lengthy spout.

Cons: A number of concerns about build quality over time.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable, durable and versatile pour-over kettle, the Bonavita gives you variable temperature at a keen price.

7. Hario Stainless Steel Gooseneck Kettle


While Hario has a stellar reputation in the coffee vertical, this gooseneck kettle is priced only marginally above bargain territory. Is it any good, though? To start with, you can use this kettle on any type of stove including induction surfaces. This gives you a great degree of versatility right off the bat. In terms of capacity, you’ve got several options. If you prefer an electric kettle, the electric Hario comes with a 0.8L capacity. The stovetop models are available with 1-liter or 1.2-liter jugs. The slimline spout you need for effective pour-over is in place along with a kettle light enough to hold for several minutes as you work on your pour-over technique going slow and steady.

Pros: Works well on all stovetops including induction cooker. Unbeatable brand heritage. Ties in very well with Hario Dripper. Stainless steel build with a premium on ergonomics.

Cons: Handle mounting could be more robust.

Bottom Line: If you’re a fan of stripped-down Japanese simplicity, this Hario gooseneck sits well with the rest of their broad and deep bench of great coffee equipment. Treat yourself.

8. Barista Warrior Pour-Over Kettle


Barista Warrior’s 40oz kettle is ideally designed to give you the controlled pour you need when you’re experimenting with pour-over technique. The long and slim gooseneck spout lets you take control and dole out the water at the measured pace crucial for the best pour-over coffee.

Stainless steel build means your kettle won’t rust out and it’s light enough to maneuver without feeling fatigued.

Available in two muted finished and backed by a dependable 1-year limited guarantee, this gooseneck represents outstanding value for money. You can get a full refund at any stage during the first year after purchase so you have literally nothing to lose by road testing the Barista Warrior.

Pros: Thermometer baked in to enhance precision brewing. Slender spout ideal for pour-over. Rust-free 18/8 stainless steel build. Limited 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Cons: Quality control can be questionable so check the contents of your package closely upon arrival.

Bottom Line: For a cheap-and-cheerful gooseneck kettle with an inbuilt thermometer for maximum precision, the Barista Warrior is a solid option.

9. Bodum Melior Electric Gooseneck Kettle


You always know Bodum will deliver rock-solid coffee paraphernalia. From the iconic French press to this agile gooseneck kettle, you get pared-down design married to precision engineering without forcing you to take out a bank loan. How does this kettle fare beyond those good looks, though? The spout is not just elegant to look at but also perfectly designed for the controlled circular motion you’ll be using for pour-over coffee. Choose from 27 ounces or 34 ounces, depending on the batch size you typically brew up. While you won’t get a temperature gauge onboard, simply boil your water and wait 30 seconds. The resulting water will fall within the 195F to 205F band conducive to the best coffee.

Pros: Sleek, minimalist design. Choice of sizings to suit. Non-slip and cool-touch cork handle also breaks up the expanse of matte black nicely. Auto shut-off for your convenience and safety. Spout tailor-made for pour-over.

Cons: Prone to leaking if you fill close to the maximum line.

Bottom Line: If you want the convenience of an electric kettle with the inbuilt benefit of a gooseneck spout, coffee specialists Bodum smash another home run with the Melior.

10. Steel Coffee Pour-Over Kettle


If you thought you couldn’t get a decent pour-over kettle on a budget, you might rethink that if you check out the Steel. Given the handful of complaints about rust occurring in the longer-term with this kettle, we have to assume stainless steel doesn’t extend everywhere. Overall and considering the price-point, though, you should get several years of use from this neat little kettle. You can dial in the temperature and make certain your coffee gets off to the strongest start. With no cords to get in the way and no need for a stovetop, you can simplify your pour-over method with equipment like this kettle that’s designed for the job at hand.

Pros: Food-grade stainless steel build. Nicely angled spout promotes a perfect pour. Cordless stovetop convenience. Thermometer-ready so regulate your temperature for the best pour-over.

Cons: A few reported problems with rust developing over time.

Bottom Line: While not entirely stainless steel, you’ll get a solid overall performer from Steel with this pour-over kettle on a budget.

11. Ovalware Pour-Over Kettle


Ovalware serves up an efficient and nimble pour-over kettle satisfying all your bargain hunters out there. Is it actually any good, though? In short, yes. If you want temperature control, you’ll need to dig deeper for that. If you can forego the thermometer, you’ll pick up this base model at an almost throwaway price. Equally at home on gas or electric stovetops and induction-friendly, too, what’s not to love? To break up the expanse of stainless steel, the fiber handle is designed to stay cool while your kettle is heating to the 195F to 205F you need for that golden cup of coffee. The seamless body means this kettle is a cinch to clean while also minimizing the number of hiding spaces for bacteria and grime to accumulate. If you need to grab yourself a gooseneck on a budget, this is one of your strongest options.

Pros: Highly convenient portable pour-over kettle. Dry-fast bottom for your convenience. Fiber-reinforced cool-touch handle. 34oz capacity enough for all the family. Works on gas and electric stovetops.

Cons: No bells and whistles. Inbuilt thermometer available only as optional extra.

Bottom Line: A solid all-rounder, this simple but effective gooseneck kettle makes a great addition to any coffee-making arsenal.

12. Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Drip Kettle


To round out today, the first of a pair of Kalita. Along with Hario, Kalita are the other major force from Japan. This kettle is a neat choice if you already own the iconic Kalita Wave Dripper, one of our favorite pour-over coffee makers. If you don’t have the Wave dripper, you could use any other pour-over method along with this kettle to remain in control control of the process. Taking your time and taking advantage of the dragon neck spout, you can dial in the brew and then replicate it with ease. You will need to make separate provision for a thermometer since this kettle doesn’t have one built in.

Pros: Base containing chrome for optimum heat transfer. Stripped-down Japanese elegance at its finest. Gooseneck spout to prevent pouring water too quickly when you’re making pour-over. Removable wooden handle is dishwasher-friendly.

Cons: Prone to tarnishing which is a disappointment.

Bottom Line: Kalita is a specialist when it comes to coffee kit and this kettle, designed to complement the Wave dripper perfectly, is a must for serious coffee fans and complete beginners alike.

13. Kalita Stainless Pot


Last but certainly not least in our quest for the best pour-over kettle, this Kalita pot is a capable unit giving you little by the way of frippery but rock-solid performance across the board. You won’t benefit from a thermometer so make sure you have one in place. If not, rely on the tried-and-true method of waiting 30 seconds after your water has boiled. This should place it within the 195F to 205F range recommended for making the optimum coffee. Looks are as you’d expect from this coffee titan and you won’t want to pack your kettle away after use. The only significant drawback with this kettle is the stainless steel handle you’ll need an oven glove to hold when it’s heated. This is a pretty poor oversight but not a deal-breaker.

Pros: Elegant design to grace any kitchen counter. Not too thick or heavy despite an overall solid feel. Easy to maneuver and a dream to pour. No issues with leaking.

Cons: The handle gets remarkably hot so use an oven mitt.

Bottom Line: If you want a kettle that feels a little more solid than Hario, Kalita bridge that gap without going overboard on the weight. This is a design-driven modern classic to jazz up pour-over coffee the right way.


We won’t pretend this is an instant brewing method, but pour-over is remarkably rewarding if you put in a little time and effort. Grind your beans directly before brewing then take your time to pour with precision. If you can set aside 10 to 15 minutes, that’s all you’ll need to make great pour-over from bean to cup. Along with a grinder, you should consider investing in a scale along with a pour-over coffee maker to bring everything together. Throw in one of these gooseneck kettles and you have everything you need to rustle up gourmet coffee in your home kitchen.

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