About Us

Here at La Mano Coffee, we’ve got a small, close-knit team of coffee lovers with one shared goal: to produce a site dedicated to making the best coffee with care and precision.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not snobs or purists here at La Mano. We’re not ashamed to admit that pre-ground coffee or even instant has its place.

What we appreciate is coffee at its finest so we’ll be bringing you detailed guides to all the major brewing methods. We want you to be as confident making cold brew or pour-over coffee as you are using a fully-automatic espresso machine or a single-serve pod-based unit.

We’ll be showcasing nothing but the best products. We have no interest in bringing you mediocre gear so everything we review bears our seal of approval.

Our team of writers research all the products you see here in great detail to bring you a balanced report of where these coffee machines and accessories stand of fall. We don’t test machines as this would be impractical. What we do is carry out deep research combined with our own personal love of coffee to bring you frank and impartial guidance.

So, we’ll never be urging you to buy a more expensive product than you need. We’ll never nudge you toward buying a grinder if you’re perfectly happy with pre-ground. We won’t hide the truth from you and we’ll always report any flaws in the products we highlight.

Simplifying the way you buy your equipment is only one part of what we want to achieve here at La Mano, though…

We’ll be accompanying all of our reviews with the detailed guidance you need to make a rounded decision. We’ll give you buying guides breaking down what to look out for on the buying trail. Beyond this, we’ll also be providing plenty of purely informational content. Whether you want to find out whether espresso has more caffeine than regular coffee or you want to know how to make cold brew, we’ve got you covered.

Follow us on social media and get involved. We’re very responsive to messages and actively encourage you to get in touch if there’s anything specific you’d like us to cover here on the site.

And right now, we’d invite you to explore our site fully. Take your time and get started on an ongoing journey to improve your skills making coffee using a variety of brewing methods. Get started right here.